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Vidéo RCUP : Comissioned work for the Rcup start-up .

MARATHON ANIM 2016 ECV : Our participation with Antoine Dhondt, Charles Yverneau . Collective work done during 2 days.



Our first short for graduation at ECV Animation school with Augustin Descamps and Antoine Dhondt.


I have to realize the graphic part in 2D , I created all the backgrounds in the movie , props, textures and fx (painted essentially in photoshop and Tv paint) . Here some research I have done :

09_tatanka_proper ambiances concept expression-visage-indien-final turn-indien+bison final copy test-compo recherches_indien recherches_bison PROPS_DIVERS posing1 indien planche_tipi_total planche_props_compo_final-2 pan debut

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